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Do you prepare business returns?

Yes, we prepare all business returns. However, G corps, S corps, and Partnership returns will require an appointment.


What should I bring for my appointment?

Picture ID,SSN card for yourself and any dependents as well as Birth Certificates if available. If you do not have the SSN card and you filed the previous year, your previous year tax return will suffice. The previous tax return will serve as the social security card as long as the current dependents are listed on the return.


How much does it cost to have my taxes prepared?

It depends on the complexity of your tax return. We charge by the forms used during the preparation. However, the basic tax return cost is $100.00.


Do you file my state return for me?

Yes, we also can file multiple state returns.


How quick can I get my tax refund back?

Typically electronic filing takes anywhere from 7 to 10 business days. The IRS states you will recieve your return within a 21 day period. We also offer Fast Cash to customers that qualify for the program. You will be notified by text or email once your refund is accepted by the IRS and again when your funds have been made available.


How do you qualify for Fast Cash?

There are several factors that can affect your qualification. Credit checks are not required, but tax filing history is one of the main factors. If you owe the IRS or (any offsets) may also be a factor in the decision of the bank. Your source of income and the refund amount are also factors that maybe considered. You may qualify for up to $1200.00 the process is easy and convenient!




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